Five paragraphs and five photos about: murphin ridge inn.

Murphin Ridge Inn is located 80 miles east of Cincinnati.  The peaceful and secluded property is located high atop Wheat Ridge in Adams County, Ohio. The property has a commanding view of the adjacent Appalachian foothills and is surrounded by 140 acres of farm fields, hardwood forest and open grass fields. Murphin has long been one of my favorite places to visit; not only in the midwest, but anywhere. The property includes a beautifully restored 19th century saltbox (which is the on grounds resturant), a rustic light filled ten room lodge and a half dozen hand built elegant cabins.  Antique and Shaker furniture are prominant throughout all the buildings.  The property also has a large stone fire pit, which is lit nightly and is surrounded by andirondak chairs; as well as a built in swimming pool and well marked trails which cover the entire property. Murphin is the rare place where one can always feel as comfortable outside as inside. It's a wonderful place to visit repeatedly so as to watch the property and seasons change colors and personality.   If you've been fortunate enough to travel often and far, you know that a good hotel, inn or lodge is all too often a rare commodity.  It's always easy to tell when property owners and/or managers understand traveling. They make life easy and comfortable; they know that a great travel stop is as much about feeling at home as the thread count of the sheets. Which brings us to the owners of Murphin Ridge Darryl and Sherry McKenney. They not only do things well, they understand travel and make visitors feel like visitors, not just another paying customer. You have to travel a long way to find a couple as kind and competent as the McKenney's. Murphin Ridge for me, over the years,  has always felt like an extension of their warm personalities. Darryl is a jack of all trades who possess an acceptably twisted and ironic sense of humor. He excels in holding court in the restaurant's several unique diningrooms. Sherry seems to work full time at keeping Darryl in line and also oversees operations of Murphin's fine restaurant which always features excellent  and memorable local fare.