The Final Word; The Next Project

This entry will serve as the final word regarding the Searching For The Soul of America project. That project is, unfortunately, inactive.

You may find older works, as well as connections to work I have published for others (my clips) at this site.  You may find more current work, including extended self published illustrated essays at MAKTIE.Com

For all of you who followed us around the country and took time to share your thoughts with me, during the Searching For The Soul Of America project, thank you so much for your time and attention. Time moves on and so do our lives and interests.

1-24-15 Pops Henry cash Pike 27-413Fortunately, there is  new work.

Again, if you have found your way here-  you can also check out my latest project- The Illustrated Essay.

Open Skies Ill-Abiquiu--10

The Illustrated Essay is site which examines a myriad of topics and which combines my passion for long form essay writing with illustrations via my own photography.

Take a look and let us know what you think.